We're holding a series of self defense classes specifically focused on self defense for women. The course will be held over 10-12 weeks and each class will be one hour long, probably a weekday evening but other days may also be available.

There's no requirement to join the Dojo or even wear a Gi but we do recommend that you wear something comfortable and that allows much freedom of movement.

Using the principles of Karate and the methods used in Karate you'll not only learn self defense but gain confidence and be less afraid of confrontational situations should you have to be in one.

Key components generally include teaching students the proper mindset of being in a stressful confrontation, successful physical tactics like striking vital points and the importance of being aware of your surroundings.

Course dates and times will be available shortly and if you're interested simply use the signup form below to register interest. No commitment is required at this stage, simply complete the form and we'll keep you informed as details become available.