Three battles. The fundamental kata of Goju Ryu. The form generally practised is a variation of Kanryo Higaonna’s kata that Chojun Miyagi chose to balance movements.

Sanchin is a kata that is practiced in some styles of karate, including Goju-ryu. It is known for its slow, tense movements and deep, controlled breathing, which are intended to build strength and power through the development of proper body alignment and muscle tension. Sanchin is often one of the first kata taught to beginners in Goju-ryu, as it forms the foundation for the style's other kata and techniques. The kata is believed to have originated in China and was introduced to Okinawa, where it was adapted and incorporated into the Goju-ryu system. Sanchin is also known for its use of "isshin," or "one-point," concentration, which involves focusing all of one's attention and energy on a single point in the body.